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more "protocol dying unexpectedly"

But now in the help screen.  This is 100% reproducible on my system.  Open 
any kde app, select help->contents.  Wait for it to load, the click on 
"introduction".  Then click on "next".  The viewing window will go blank and 
an error message pops up saying "the process for the help protocol died 
unexpectedly".  If it doesn't crap out the first time you click next, it will 
the second.  Is anyone else seeing this?  I have testing using kate, kmail, 
and konqy (well, duh, david, they are all using the same help subsystem 
*slaps self*).

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm *excited* to be finding all this 
stuff.  It feels like I'm actually contributing something.....  



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