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Re: qt + gl + problems + etc...

On Thursday 28 June 2001 12:57 am, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> Ok...so with kde 2.2 mostly uploaded (some bits already installed) to sid I
> turned focus to QT again especially since I've personally had many crashes
> of konsole due to the whole GL bit.
> any major issues before I upload the new packages?

I would like some advice here.  I have a "mostly" woody system with libqt and 
libqt-dev installed, but the rest of kde built from source with QTDIR set to 
/usr/share/qt and 

./configure --prefix=/usr

for all the packages which seems to put the source where debian would have 
put it.

I have avoiding building qt-copy (or qt from trolltech) because I am not sure 
I can easily figure out how to get it in the same directories as for debian.  
If I get it wrong I then am without a workstation until I can figure out 
whats right.  I therefore need to get it right first time.  

Looking at what you have done, it seem that you may have either built qt in 
/usr/share/qt directory and then moved the result away and then put in some 
symlins, or built a subdirectory structure first with symlinks and then 
extracted qt into the relevant place.

I am suffering from Konq crashes whenever I browse a site which requires the 
flash plugin (which is installed) unless I switch off plugins.  I would like 
to go to some sites where it is necessary - hence I want to make this work.

Are these crashes related to how the debian libqt and libqt-dev packages are 
built (either with gl or without gl - I am not sure I understand which way 

Following what you said above I expected to find both a libqt and a libqt-gl 
package in unstable now - but only a libqt and a libqt3 appear to be there.

Can you either tell me where to point my /etc/apt/sources.list to get the 
right version of libqt and libqt-dev or give me some advice on how to take 
the qt-copy source (once it is out of CVS) and build it such that I end up 
with it installed in the right place.


  Alan - alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk

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