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Create new users in a special way


Perhaps my question is not too difficult for you to answer:
I want to create more than 5000 new users on my system.
Because there are 5000 users who already got their password, that means
for me: I already got the complete files
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow on my system.

Now I want to create /home/directories in the way the programm "adduser"
create /home/directories /copying files from /etc/skel and copy them in
user's home directory, and so on.

Now my question: I don't want to type in every information on each user
while executing "adduser", because "adduser" asks for the password, the
user's identity - these should be ignored.
For me it would be easy to type in one command (which can be filled by
the information that is given from the file /etc/passwd) , perhaps with
"adduser" and lots of options, but without typing the information by
hand. The rest should be automatically generated.

Perhaps you have some nice ideas on that.

Hope you understand my English - thanks.


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