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saving panel setup

With a typical panel setup (the single base panel only) any changes made to 
this setup, such as adding applets or buttons, saves on logout and is 
restored reliably on logging back in.

However, when I add a child panel and then fill it with various things to 
give a slightly more complicated setup, this etup does not save.  When I log 
back into kde, I have the main panel configured exactly as it was when I 
logged out, but the child panel is completely empty.  It exists and is in the 
proper place, but nothing I added saves.  Is there any way to fix this?  It 
seems like an amazingly pointless feature if you can't save the settings 

And also, is there a way of saving the setup for the main panel, as well as 
the open applications etc., without logging out and in again?



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