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kwin electric (active) border

I have been trying to enable the electricborder feature of kwin, so I can
drag windows from workspace to workspace by crossing the edges of the
screen, but have so far been unsucessful.

The only documentation I could find was for kwm, and gave instructions to
add the lines


inder the [General] heading of kwmrc.  (Without giving specific settings
of course, I just picked some).  I added these to
~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc but as there was no [General] heading present I
added it, when that did'nt work I put them under the [Windows] heading.

I then logged out and back into kde with no luck.

I have searched the archives but the only refence I see to this feature
never got a response and was from '98, I apologise if it is easily
documented somewhere I was unable to locate.


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