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AA, KDE, and archives.

I'm not going to ask for people to give me instructions on how to do AA in KDE; but as one of the owners of an nVIDIA card, which finally came out with a driver that supports the RENDER extension, I'm going to ask for some help -

What sites have good, reliable info on KDE and Anti-Aliasing? The first thing I noticed is that I could only use Type1 fonts - and even after I set my XftConfig to include TrueType fonts (I did search around a bit before deciding to ask), nothing changed.

I'm perfectly capable of installing TrueType and Type1 fonts to X, and am aware of the methods used to install them - If I have AA turned off, all the TT fonts show up fine.

Are there any Debian-Specific (or other) changes I need to make that I may not have thought of? Where do I find the info?

Also - as I have WordPerfect Office/Linux installed - with its own TT font server in addition to XF86's own, does this add any more complexity into the fray? (I'm fine with having reglar, aliased TT fonts - but I want to be able to have AA as well as non-AA fonts)

Basically - unless the solution is painfully simple, I'm asking for where I can look for where previous responses, other purpose-written websites, etc. can be found concerning KDE, Anti-Aliasing, and XFree86.



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