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Re: kde 2.2 deps for unstable ?

yes it does mean more work for me..however I had already planned on doing
so once I get a working set of .deb's that I'm happy with.


On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 07:21:52PM +0200, Malte Cornils wrote:
> "Ivan E. Moore II" wrote:
> > what deps are you missing?
> > On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 06:04:42PM +0200, Philipp Schmid wrote:
> > > How long do we have to wait for them?
> > > or can i get them from a dep source ?
> I think he was speaking of debian packages (debs). Getting them from
> experimental is probably something most people are not accustomed to
> (including me :-)). Since other packages (like Adrian Bunk's "kernel
> 2.4 for potato" packages) are put up on people.debian.org and
> "announced" as an apt line, would it be inconvenient for you to put
> them up on people.debian.org instead of (or in combination with)
> experimental? If it means more work for you, please don't; I'd
> rather see that go into maintaining the high package quality than
> pleasing the impatient crowd. :)
> I know, you'll probably tell me to learn using experimental and in
> fact, this is probably correct :-)
> -Malte #8-)
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