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Re: Printers in konqueror

> On Wednesday 14 March 2001 17:51, John Davidson wrote:
> > Somewhere along all the recent changes to kde2 I have lost the ability
> > print from konqueror. I am using the CUPS printing system and have no
> > difficulty printing a test page from the web admin interface, but it is
> > impossible to print from any other application.
> >

> Serge Robyns responded:
> I had printing problems to when using CUPS and KDE.  KDE is looking for
> printer definition in /etc/printcap, while the default CUPS is keeping
> in /etc/printcap.cups.  A softlink helped for me ln -s /etc/printcap
> /etc/printcap.cups

That worked except that it should be

ln -s /etc/printcap.cups /etc/printcap


John Davidson

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