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Re: Problems with KDE Floppy Formatter (fdformat??)


> since when has it been obsolete?  I still have it on my system...it's part
> of the util-linux package.

If I start the program "fdformat" I get the following message:

> Note: /usr/bin/fdformat is obsolete and is no longer available.
> Please use /usr/bin/superformat instead (make sure you have the
> fdutils package installed first).  Also, there had been some
> major changes from version 4.x.  Please refer to the documentation.

Anyway the problem also occurs with HD Disks. I didn't recognize this because 
my HD disks were preformatted.

Kfloppy tries to use fdformat for the low level formatting but fdformat 
doesn't format. So mkdosfs isn't able to install the file system if the disk 
was not preformatted.


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