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Objective Evidence Konqueror Slows As Bookmarks Increase

I did as a kind user suggested and moved my bookmarks.xml file then deleted 
the original in the Konqueror folder.

Size of bookmarks.xml            Time to Open Konqueror (approximately)
----------------                 -----------------------------
6.5K                             3 seconds
951K                             11 seconds

I think some work needs to be done in this area.  I know I am not the only 
web junkie on this list.  I've given bookmarks.xml a cursory examination with 
an editor and know that it can be compressed easily, but even that is not an 

What is it about Netscape (the only application I am really accustomed to) 
that allows it to open quickly, regardless of bookmark file size?  It can't 
be the simpler syntax of the file (HTML vs. XML) as the two are almost 
identical in structure.  Any ideas?
Robert Tilley

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