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New KDE Apps (inc quanta, kdbg)

Hi.. a number of KDE applications have now been either packaged or repackaged 
for potato users: kbear, kcpuload, kdbg, keuklid, knetload, kprof, quanta.

Hopefully this answers the earlier request for quanta in potato.

Also, to Reinhard Borek who wrote regarding kdbg, I have taken out version 
(>= 5.0) in the gdb recommendation.

Thanks immensely to Jaye Inabnit who offered his machine for building on! :)  
Thanks also to Ivan for hosting the packages.



Ben Burton (benb@acm.org)

Director of Training
Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee

Most people aim at nothing, and they hit it with tremendous accuracy.
	- Unknown

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