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Re: Conflicts

> kdebase-doc conflicts with kde-i18n

yea... new kde-i18n package being rebuilt..that's the problem with kde-i18n
it's so big that it's hard to check for things like this... "en" stuff 
keeps creeping up in it.  But this is also a good thing as it pointed out
another problem I had with the kde-i18n package...the fact that it's missing
all it's depends. :)

> Also kdbg for some reason want to remove qt 2.3 and install qt2.2.

everyone should have libqt2 and libqt2.2 installed...and both should have
the exact same version...libqt2.2 is a empty package that depends on 
libqt2...so this shouldn't matter...might try doing a apt-get install libqt2.2


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