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Re: new install

El Mié 28 Feb 2001 19:12, Hendrik Sattler escribió:
> Am Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2001 18:33 schrieb jerry:
> > just a short note about my install.
> > I used linuxcare bbc to get a mimimal install accomplished to a laptop
> > harddrive that's going into an iopener. installed HD into iopener and
> > completed configuration. using dselect, completed installation of debian
> > packages from debian.org. using apt-get, grabbed all packages for KDE
> > install, during dselect for kde, there were dependancies, most were
> > resolved with no problem, however there is one dep that remains:	libgl1
> > (I
> Did you mean KDE2.1? If yes:
> How did you get all the dependencies of arts correct? It depends on
> libmpeglib0 which cannot be installed because it depends on libogg0 and
> libvorbex0 which cannot be found. How did you solve this?
> Hendrik

Add kde2 to the sources.list for kde. Like this:

deb ftp://kde.tdyc.com/pub/kde potato main crypto qt1apps optional kde2

libogg0 and libvorbis are here --------------------------^^^^

(Those are the old 2.01 pacakges)

Pablo de Vicente

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