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Most fonts unavailable to KDE in KDE 2.1 final


I've just upgraded to KDE 2.1 final. I am running woody. System is AMD 
Athlon, Xfree 4, Nvdida TNT2 graphics card.

The problem I am experiencing that only a handful of fonts are 
available to KDE and KDE apps. I have checked that the fonts are 
available to non KDE apps using xlsfonts and xfontsel. There used to be 
an app in KDE called kfontcontrol or somthing like that which 
controlled what fonts were made available but I think thats unecessary 
with KDE 2?

I have made a screenshot which illustrates the problem. Note that the 
number of fonts available to xfontsel is some 10 times greater than 
that to the KDE font picker. (114 kb PNG)


Any help?

Ian Donaldson   Senior Systems Administrator   ian@myinternet.com.au
                                     All your base are belong to us.

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