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Re: KAppTemplate

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Kurt Granroth wrote:
> Bruce Sass wrote:
> > Are any developers looking at KAppTemplate w.r.t. having it generate
> > up to date Debianized KDE app templates?
> >
> > I've noticed that the debianrules supplied with the most recent
> > kapptemplate is not the same as the current one from Ivan
> > (ftp://kde.tdyc.com/pub/kde/kde.debian.tgz).
> >
> > It would be nice to have these two pieces merged.
> Well, I am not at all opposed to have debianized templates... but
> since I don't have any Debian systems around and have never even used
> Debian, I wouldn't know where to start.

Ya, that is why I sent a copy off to the debian-kde list; perhaps Ivan
or one of the other developers will jump in.

> You mention a 'debianrules' file.  The one that I see in kapptemplate
> is in the 'admin' module which is the global one in KDE CVS.  I see
> that the date on it for the most current version is Feb 04.  I
> downloaded Ivan's version and his 'debianrules' file is Dec 04.

Hmmm, all I really had to go on was the file size.  The debianrules
from Ivan is 12-04-00, the one from kapptemplate-1.0.4.tar.bz2 is
02-15-01 (when you built the archive, eh).

Ivan, did I give the proper URL for the latest templates from you (if
you changed the location and didn't rm the old stuff I may have the
wrong one)?  just curious 'cause...

It doesn't really matter which debianrules is most current, they are
different, and that sounds like a potential problem.

> Is that all that's needed, in any event?  Ivan's package has a bunch
> of other files that I haven't a clue what are used for.

I'm not sure, which is why I brought it up in the forum I did.

The other files are templates for stuff required by Debian Policy;
there are programs used to Debianize and build .deb packages which
find information in the src tree (author, contact info, pkg name,
version, etc.) and incorporate it into the templates... cuts down on
the manual editing needed to get all the bits in place.

I imagine a kapptemplate that could produce a proper debianized source
tree would need to (in addition to what it already does): stuff the
proper templates into the debian subdir, run dh_make.  The "proper
templates" would probably need to be created from what Ivan has
already done, so they conform to KDE's policies regarding "kapp",
"kpartapp", "kpartplugin", etc... but that is getting a little beyond
my current skill level - I'm hoping a Debian developer picks up the

- Bruce

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