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Re: scripts to build kde2 for alpha

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 03:28:10PM -0800, Geoffrey L . Brimhall wrote:
> Have been waiting for a couple of weeks now to see kde2 built for the alpha, 
> either at tdyc or in debian/woody, but nothing has been uploaded.
> Since I have an alpha sitting around, though I'd go ahead and build the 
> sources.
> Was curious if there are some scripts out there that contain all the apt-get 
> -b source XXXX, in the right order ? (ie , starting with libqt2-dev, then 
> going on to kdebase2, etc) ?

As I've stated before,  the reason why you haven't seen Alpha .deb's of KDE yet is due to problems with linking to QT.  We (Debian) are still trying to track
down the problem (believed to be in the version of gcc/g++ we use) and get it 
fixed.  Once that is done you will see packages uploaded.


Ivan E. Moore II
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