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Re: Kmail doesn't start up

I've gotten a couple of responses to the tune of "run kmail from an xterm to 
see the error messages...".  I'm sorry I wasn't clearer last time.  When I 
run kmail from an xterm, I get no output whatsoever.  No new windows, no 
errors, no messages congratulating me on my superior decision-making 
abilities exhibited by wanting to run kmail.... 

no errors reported.
no evidence that I ever typed "kmail" at the command prompt, except for it's 
presence in my command history.

What I'm really needing is a way to put kmail into debugging mode so I can 
get some output to give me a hint as to what the problem is.

One thing I have done is used the "--nofork" option, but after about 5 
minutes I still had no prompt back.  Unfortunately, I can't remember if I 
used ps to look at the state of the process, but that will only tell me that 
kmail is in the process list, not what is causing it to fail to function.

Any ideas?

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