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Re: vote

"Ivan E. Moore II" wrote:
> ok... Potato users be heard (woody users are stuck with what I give you) :)
>    option 1:  upgrade potato .deb's to 2.1-beta1+ (ie..move from stable to
>               cvs snapshots as I am doing with woody)
>    option 2:  create a seperate repository on kde.tdyc.com for kde 2.1 potato
>               .deb's.
>    option 3:  wait for 2.1's release to do potato debs
> (note...when I start making 2.1 debs for potato I will no longer be able
> to make 2.0.1 debs)
>    Due to my network snafu I ended up being a day behind in uploads for woody..
> which actually ends up being a good thing. :)  (at least IMO)...in the 24hrs
> to follow beta1 a bunch of bug fixes have been made including one very annoying
> one with email configuration. (plus 24hrs more of me cleaning things up)
> so..your choice.
> Ivan
> --
I vote for option 2 but 3 will do.

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. 
     Alan Saporta

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