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Kicker broken


Kicker (latest woody packages from ftp.at.debian.org) seems really broken:
1. ALT+F2 doesn't work right: It works fine for the first time, but when you 
press it a second time and your are on another desktop you will be taken
to the desktop from where it was called the first time (which makes me quite
anxious every time :-) This is reproducible, but not a bug of KDE 2.0.1 itself
(self built Qt 2.2.2. & KDE 2.0.1 CVS sources don't have this errorous 
2. The task bar is completely broken from time to time: You can't change
the application by simply clicking on it (restarting whole X/KDE helps,
also killing and restarting kicker). Appears after some time, can't tell you 
the frequency or when it happens. (Also doesn't happen with self built CVS 

Nevertheless let me very much thank you, Ivan, for your enthusiasm 
to bring Debian and KDE closer together, which was why I changed
from Slackware some days ago.
Martin Piskernig
The KDevelop Team

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