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Re: reports

I have just upgraded to the final-13 versions of the packages below, but 
still have the text/html error message when starting Konquerer web browser 
from the K menu or desktop shortcut (i.e.,"kfmclient openProfile 

	Could not create view for text/html.
	Check your installation

Though browsing works fine by simply launching "konqueror" from a terminal.

On a similar note, trying to open a web page from a konquerer file manager 
window, or trying to open a man page using ALT-F2 #foo,  will result in a 
prompt to save or open the file. Selecting open gives the following error,

	There appears to be a misconfiguration. You have associated 
	konqueror with text/html, but it can't handle this file type.

Another note: I was getting md5sum mismatch errors apt-getting 
libqt2.2-dev_2.2.2-0.potato.6_i386.deb this evening.

I am running KDE 2.0 installed 1/2 an hour ago with the following apt-get 

 deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato main qt1apps optional crypto

All the packages mentioned are the final-13 versions.

System: K6/2 450, Linux 2.2.17, Debian potato

I'm not sure what to look for to give more information on this problem, but 
am willing to hunt around a bit if I can help out.

I don't think you can get enough thanks for all the great work on KDE/Debian. 

 - Bruce


Those of you running the latest versions of either potato or woody KDE 2
packages (that meet the following versions)...let's go over all current

Package: kdelibs3  4:2.0-final-13
Package: kdebase-libs,kdebase,kdm,konqueror,konsole,libkonq3  4:2.0-final-13

are there any of the html problems or other odd behaviours as with the
previous versions of late?


Ivan E. Moore II

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