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Re: A couple of problems - kpackage/woody


(I might have stuffed this up - excuse if I sent this to the list twice)

On Fri,  1 Dec 2000 00:30, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > I have been using KDE with Debian for some time now. I am currently
> > using the KDE packages available on Debian Woody (unstable).
> good news...I just saw a commit to the (kde 2.1) kdeadmin/kpackage CVS tree
> for migrating to apt support. :)

Thanks for the info, perhaps that will help get rid of dselect :) I just hope 
they have it working as well.

Its actually quite good (KPackage), when it works, try selecting a .deb file 
from within the file manager (or browser) when you got a minute and you will 
see what I mean :) 



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