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Re: Bug#77578: Alt-F2 and different background on multiple desktops problems.

On Sun, 26 Nov 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> > This patch just disable XIM, so it looks like as if the problem is solved,
> > but qt can't use XIM. 
> > Without XIM, KDE is totally useless in CJK(at least, japanese) environment.
> > sorry.
> > 
> > #I personally think it may be kde bug, not qt bug.
> well, I'm not going to remove the patch because of this *unless* it doesn't
> get fixed soon.  The problem is caused by the patch...whether or not it's
> a bug in KDE or QT...  KDE programmers have it working without the patch so
> if we want the XIM support then someone needs to find a fix for the KDE stuff.

It's a bit of a catch-22 here. Without XIM it's useless for Japanese 
people and with XIM we've got all these annoyances. Until it's sorted out
(ideally the patches are merged upstream so the main KDE developers
also get to deal with them) it's at least possible to have alternative qt
debs without the patches applied. I could easily build and provide those.
Say libqt2.2-jp and libqt2.2-nojp where both provide libqt2.2 or something
like that; it's cumbersome but possible.

> What I do know:
>   This DID work with the QT patch for 2.2.1.  with the SAME KDE source code.

Not for me and some others. The changelog corresponds exactly to the times
ALT-F2 worked properly or not, from 2.2.1-8 onwards as those were the ones
I've used (skipped a few, but anyways).


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