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A bug: Accents in konsole.


 I have a problem with konsole (version KDE 2.0, for Potato). I cannot 
produce accents with my spanish keyboard. I type:

ó and get 'o

However I CAN produce accents with any other KDE application or
any other (non-KDE) graphic application. I sent this bug to the KDE bug 
tracking list about one month ago. This bug was present in some of the Beta 
releases (1.9x) but surprisingly in one of the beta realeases (I cannot 
remember which one) the bug disappeared and reappeared in all versions
after that one. All those beta releases where the ones you produced. By 
the way thank you for your huge effort releasing so many deb packages 
for KDE!!!. I cannot understand where you get the time to work so hard.

 I have tried all the different keyboard options from the konsole menu and
none works with accents. And I have checked with some people using KDE 2.0
and at least for one of them, who does not use Debian, konsole works fine. He
can produce accents.

 Any guess if this issue on the accents may arise from some non-activated
compilation option?


Pablo de Vicente  (vicente@oan.es),  http://www.oan.es,  OAN Spain

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