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Re: status of kde1 - > kde2 interop

On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> having mulitiple versions of the same shared library causes trouble
> when compiling in general. ld.so creates a symlink to the newest version,
> from which the run-time-link version is determined at build-link time:
> libqt.so.1.45
> libqt.so.1 -> libqt.so.1.45
> libqt.so.2.2.2
> libqt.so.2.2 ->libqt.so.2.2.2
> libqt.so.2 -> libqt.so.2.2.2
> libqt.so -> libqt.so.2.2.2   -> big trouble, as a new build will link to
> 				v2 explicitly and stop v1 apps from working

I don't see why this is big trouble.  Unix and Linux have had full support
for multiple libraries for years.  I agree that newly compiled apps will
link by default to the latest version of the library, but there is a
compilation parameter (actually a linking parameter) to force them to use
the old library if that is what is required.  Also, old apps should have been
compiled with the appropriate soname so that at run time they automatically
use the correct version of the run library.

So to summarize this, there is good support for multiple versions of
libraries within Linux/Unix.  I hope that most packagers are well aware of
this support and use it properly, but if not there could conceivably be
trouble until that packaging bug was fixed.


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