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Re: Dependency issues


    Yes, with todays dinstall run for woody it should be about 99% happy...
it seems I have 1 conflict out there (between kdebase-doc and konsole) but
it's minor and easy to fix (dpkg --force-overwrite -i konsole).

(make sure your mirror is up to date...you should get a new libqt2.2
package (2.2.2-5)...)


On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 06:27:47PM -0500, Casey Henderson wrote:
> Hi,
>   I recently (i.e., two days ago) did an "apt-get -d upgrade" on my
> woody box to download the newest upgrades.  It said that 58 packages
> were upgraded, and 66 were held back (all of which were kde packages).
> When I installed the downloaded packages, kdebase and konqueror were
> removed!! Everything had been running fine, with regular upgrades
> without problems.  I was able to manually download and reinstall
> kdebase and konqueror, but I was wondering if this problem has been
> fixed so that I don't screw up my system the next time I do an upgrade.
>  Thanks.
> Casey
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