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hi there ...
i have some strange problems with kmail here ... 
i several linux boxes with potato (final) and the first edition of the
final kde2 packages for potato ... 
so ... the problem is: kmail is very unstable ... we have around 200-300
users here an many of them use kmail. some of them had reported problems,
after they get mails with an attachment. or maybee it is the problem, that
the mailfolders are on an nfs exported volume ? (i have looked in the bug
reporting system at kde.org) ... does someone know, whether this problems
are allready fixed ...?


Daniel Nofftz
Sysadmin CIP Pool der Informatik 
Universität Trier, V 103
Web:  http://www.daniel.nofftz.de 
Mail: daniel@nofftz.de

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