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Re: kppp depending on ppp

> kppp depends on ppp. As task-kdenetworking depends on kppp it is impossible to
> select task-kdenetworking without installing ppp.
> Maybe it would be enough that kppp only suggests ppp (or task-kdenetworking
> suggesting kppp)?

(NOTE: please dont' take this personally...you are one of *MANY* who hold
this same opinion about the tasks for KDE...and you are not complaining but
rather asking so I'm not even near upset about this...)

Ok...The ONLY purpose I have for the tasks for KDE is to create fake packages
that make up each of the individual kde* upstream packages.

task-kdenetwork = kdenetwork
task-kdeadmin = kdeadmin


If I keep taking out subpackages because they depend on other packages not
found in the main packages then I'm going to end up with a bunch of 
tasks that only suggest other packages.

Where does one draw the line?  If I make all the sub task-* packages suggests
then task-kde would be pretty pointless...

as it is now, there is no way for one to just do a apt-get install task-kde
and get EVERY KDE package...

there is no real clean way to handle tasks at the moment and the current
task packages sucks I know..but...

my opinion is that yea..so what if a apt-get install task-kde installs ppp,
or installs something else you don't want (I can understand the gripes about
a ftp server being installed)...don't use apt-get install for install tasks.
use dselect, console-apt, or one of the other programs that are coming out.
fine tune you install.


Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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