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Re: Compile farm for building kde

> and of course the posts from Ivan detailing progress on getting KDE
> packaged,  the thought occurred to me that it might be helpful to have a
> compile farm for building KDE.  Reduce the design, compile, test time by
> a factor of 10 maybe.
> Is that realistic?  Would it be beneficial?

not really sure...A common machine or two for packagers (and/or developers)
to use for building apps/packages would be good as it would give a common
backend for packaging.  (thus making sure all packages are built using the
same development libraries and all...

> Someone out there benefiting from kde must have a load of workstations
> they could configure to allow a developer to do compiles on.  Maybe even
> have 1 dedicated machine that could install then run the packaged KDE
> system & export the X display over the internet to the developers
> workstation, so the developer doesn't have to even dl the results across
> the net.
> (Maybe use vnc?
> http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/ )
> I also recall reading that compiling sun's star office takes 10, or 10's
> of hours.  Maybe the farm could be used for a number of projects.

probably...the problem here is that VNC'ng KDE over a 56k connect is more than
a subtle death.  I build locally and then test my stuff...as do most if not
all other packagers...and not everyone has high speed connections.


Ivan E. Moore II
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