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Re: kde2 iso

> Here's my question:
> Would it be a good idea to upload the iso image somewhere for folks to 
> download (I notice people keep asking to see if it's stable enough for daily 
> use)  or would that just take away from the "testing" that would normally go 
> on from people who get the latest debs.  I have the CD and although I use a 
> gui to interface with cdrecord I imagine it wouldn't be hard to create an iso 
> of the CD and upload it if you want to use it.

Well, for all the KDE 1.x packages its definatly a good thing, but I'm
also not sure how many people are using those packages still.

As for the KDE 2.x packages, they are still pretty much in flux so I'm
not really sure the worth of it...but, then again, that's me. :)

I will host the iso's on kde.tdyc.com if there is a desire for them...

I think once we get past the next couple of weeks and things slow down it
would definatly be a good time for iso's...


Ivan E. Moore II
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