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RE: new KDE2 potato packages: Could not create view for text/html

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Lars Buerding wrote:

> > Since then, I haven't been able to use konqueror to view any Web
> > pages; I get an error message in an alert box that says
> >
> > Could not create view for text/html Check your installation
> Same here, also did an update yesterday.
> Konqueror is now unusable, it also crashes sometimes if I view my local
> home-Directory.
> It also cant be configured in the KDE Control Center anymore.
> Web Browsing --> Konqueror Browser just displays Kandalf :)
> > I guess this should be taken as a warning against upgrading to these
> > packages just at the moment.
> Yes, !!! DONT upgrade !!!

I saw the same; however, a new upgrade this morning fixed all this and the
Alt-F2 stuff again.


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