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Re: wait..let's go back a few steps...

This is all for my own builds done traditionally with qt 2.2.2 on both a
Debian and RedHat system.

I just tried some more specific tests with konqueror not running when I
click various help buttons on both systems.  (I check the two systems since I
guess there is a chance some non-qt library difference or compiler
difference will make a difference between the two systems).  I can click
help from the KDE Control Centre, Panel KDE Control Module or click the help
icon (lifesaver on the panel), and konqueror with the appropriate help comes
up every time.  So as far as I can see there are absolutely no problems with
help on either of my two systems. (This was also true of my last build done
with qt 2.2.1.)

If you are having any sort of trouble with help, then I suspect it is a
Debian packaging problem of some kind since my traditional builds don't have
help problems.  I suppose it could be a configuration issue as well.  I
am still pretty new to KDE2 so I am mostly just taking defaults and doing
nothing special, but perhaps you are doing some special configuration the
help system does not like?  To approximate my configuration simply run
KDE2 on a user account that has never run it before (or wipe out .kde if
you don't mind destroying your current configuration).

If there are any other help tests you want me to run on my system(s), let me know.

This is mostly unrelated, but still a piece of good news I would like to
pass along. All the thousands of jade errors that existed for my last build
have now gone (mostly) away.


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On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> ok..you stated that khelpcenter is working for you??? or did I read that
> wrong..ie with your builds...
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