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What I need for my kids

Well, to revive the list a bit. :-)

I was looking for an environment usable by children at the age 1-3
years.  The primary requirements were: 1. To be very robust (a typical
computer "use" at this age is random hitting keys and moving and
clicking a mouse, possibly observing what happens); 2. to provide means
for viewing photos; 3. and being partially manageable by so small

Unfortunately debian-jr appeared to be of no use for me.  I could mostly
find only metapackages to install certain sets of applications.  What I
actually needed and expected was an environment described above.

Finally I've found Freevo (http://freevo.sf.net) that fulfills my
requirements quite well and has been serving well enough so far.  There
are still some problems with it: 1. It is not in Debian and at the time
I checked there was no ITP for it; 2. it depends on software not being
present in Debian; 3. and finally it contains significant amount of

Does anybody know why Freevo is not in Debian?  Is it just that nobody
was interested in packaging or are there any special problems?

[Disclaimer: Unfortunately I have almost no opportunity to contribute
now and that won't improve for at least the following year. :-(( ]

Milan Zamazal


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