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Re: German: Live CD for children

On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 23:55 +0000, Pedro M (Morphix User) wrote:
> I want a bootable USB Linux for children (in a similar way to Damn Small 
> Linux).
> http://www.damnsmalllinux.org

If the USB drive is large enough, (say, 512M,) I suppose you could use a
slightly cut down version of whatever we end up producing as our live
CD.  However, it seems DSL has gone way beyond that, so that in no way
could you simply start with a core Debian install and layer kids apps
onto it and have anything close to as small as DSL.  So for the really
small stuff, it is probably better to just start with DSL at the core,
and add a few of the same apps that we include in Debian (maybe with
reduced data components, if that helps).  That, of course, would be
outside of the scope of Debian Jr. itself.  However, it certainly would
be an interesting project, if you wanted to do it yourself.


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