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This is my first message on this list.

 First and furmost, let me make a brief sketch of myself.
I discovered GNU/Linux one year and a half ago and I am now
using sid thanks to my ADSL connection and "apt-get 
install/dist-upgrade". Moreover, I am curious and making a lot of 
progress in hacking, but I still need a lot of work ...

Well, I particpate in the french user and translation list, and I am 
know translation the Debian-jr home page;-) Currently, I try to
learn php/mysql to set up my own project ( easy configurable and 
upgradable vocablary list).

 I have installed Debian-junior thanks to « tasksel », there very 
nice games ( even if I have no soud cards) on my 750Mhz Duron. :
tuxtyping, typespeed, lbreakout, ... I hope that all games especially 
adventure games will be soon available in French.

 I am testing programs, and I think that abiword is also suitable for 
children ( under GPL, and can read ".doc" files ).

Happy newyear
And thanks for your job.


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