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debian-jr_Introduction, ideas

  I am Justin Zeigler, Parent and Teacher of 2-8(US) computers. 
My kids are: Boy 4 yrs, and girl 2 yrs. I have been lurking on
Debin-jr since near the start but have not posted. With this I 
am fixing that. I ventured into the irc channel this morning
(irc.debin.org #debian-jr) and had a very morale boosting chat
with SynrG(Ben Armstrong). He made some good points on a few 
things that I think are more than possible with a good community 
effort. So I am writing this partiallv to encourage some more 
folks into lending a hand. Rather than suppose or guess I would
suggest to anyone who has kids and wants them to have available 
the best software for thier kids to use email the list, check 
out the website or jump on to the irc channel.

  Anywho on to the beef. I twitched around abit this afternoon
in the gimp and made a quick concept graphic of the logo idea
incorporating toy blocks, please understand it is a roughout
just testing the idea. it can be viewed on my site at
http://www.zqc.com/debian-jr/Debian-jr_logo.d.png . that 
directory has most of the steps in .xcf format for those who 

  I wish to say more but like to keep it under 2 minutes of  
skimming time. I will be on #debian-jr tonite at 20:00hrs 
US-EST (erm is that 1:00hrs tomorow UT?) drop in please and
share an idea or just check it out.

Mentioned links:
  Debian-jr page- http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-jr/
  irc info- irc.debian.org #debian-jr
  my logo stuff- http://www.zqc.com/debian-jr/

	Justin Zeigler
	Parent, and Guy

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