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Logos: contributions from children, guidelines/requirements

Another idea that came up on irc was that we should accept (but not limit
ourselves to) ideas and artwork from children.  Just keep in mind the
aforementioned criteria:

1. relates to Debian (the strongest way of doing this is incorporating
   the Debian swirl)

2. relates to children

3. is not age-specific

Other than those ideas, we have come up with a few others which I don't
think are absolute requirements, but they may help you and any children
you have helping you come up with ideas of your own:

1a. ownership, control (e.g. peter's handprint-swirl idea)

2a. dynamic, energetic (e.g. my moving-swirl-with-eyes idea)

Try to add to these ideas with other things we might want to convey
through our logo.

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