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logo idea :)

came up with this after chatting on #debian-devel with Synrg

Have a handprint with the debian swirl embedded into it.

This logo does not have to be a complex print (stylized).

To me it would represent that the kids have 'control over
the machine and debian'. and that its 'hands on'.

And thankfully, such an image is ageless and genderless (kids
whether boys or girls tend to have the same shaped hands).

And heh, i'd love to test run it on my kids :)

Peter 'darkewolf' Crystal
Perth, Western Australia

email   : darke@debian.org || darke@indigo.net.au || darkewolf@cyberpunks.org
url     : http://cyberpunks.org/darke/homepage.phtml
url     : http://netverse.sourceforge.net/
gpg key : http://cyberpunks.org/keys/darke_gpg.asc 

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