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Re: Overview, roadmap, priorities

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > Well, she likes logging into the console on the 486s.  I don't think she
> > judges programs based on their attractiveness.  That was the revealing
> > thing.  It's not that the kids don't have X available to them, or that
> > there's nothing interesting installed on X ... yet, I find that 99% of
> > the time, she spends logged into a console session, either editing text
> > files with a text editor, or using one of the three aforementioned
> > programs.
> OK, then let her play with the plain "wn".  Using the command-line
> options sanely will give her more fun than dict.

The package named 'wn' is an http server.  I guess you mean the 'wordnet'
package?  I'm fetching this now and will look it over.

> May be she will like it so much that she starts programming a
> ncurses-based tool to wordnet which might become my favourite way
> of accessing the wordnet database ;-).


> Done.  See my latest posting to debian-devel about "Hierarchy ...".
> I'd like to avoid CCing here, but in case someone doesn't read -devel
> ask me...

I didn't see any response to that post in -devel :(  Is this an indication
that nobody is interested?  Or perhaps the timing is wrong, with people
still focusing on wrapping up potato?

> > Which brings us back to the packaging question.  If Debian-Jr is going to
> > focus first on packaging new things, how do we pick-and-choose amongst all
> > of the possible things to package out there?
> I think about packaging "SelfLinux" which is a quite clever introduction
> to Linux in German (any translators) written by the people who also
> did the tipptrainer.
> > In the "programs to think with" area, I think I'd like to try my hand next
> > at "glogo":
> > 
> > http://laguna.fmedic.unam.mx/~daniel/glogo/
> Sounds good.

OK, it seems we each have our ideas of what we'd like to package next.
I guess it's as good a place as any to start with the things that
personally interest us, but I still think we need a broader view of the
problem and need to begin to engage in compiling a packaging wishlist.
Is there anyone who has time for this and would be willing to take this
task on?

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