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Non-technical positions at Freexian, join us!


Freexian is a mission-oriented company[1] that aims at helping Debian
evolve to be the leading Linux distribution, and also a model to follow in
the free software world. As one of our commitments towards this goal, all
our collaborators are Debian developers that can spend 20% of their paid
work time on the Debian projects they care about.

A downside of this approach so far, is that all Freexian collaborators
have very strong technical backgrounds and favor technical tasks over
administrative work. As we keep growing, the simple solution of sharing
the administrative work among us is therefore becoming more and more of a
In the spirit of remaining true to our roots, we are looking to extend our
team with Debian members of more varied backgrounds and skills, so they
can help us in the following areas:
* Sales
  * Respond to email queries
  * Issue quotes/invoices
  * Handle renewals
  * Manage contracts
  * Find new customers
  * Respond to tenders
* Marketing
  * Build a presence on social networks
  * Feed our website with useful content
  * Improve / create marketing material

* Leadership / Management
  * Understand Freexian's roadmap and drive collaborators towards those
  * Manage both customer and internal projects, and staff them with collaborators
  * Ensure collaborators feel well and know their priorities
  * Onboard new collaborators
  * Ensure legal requirements are met
  * Ensure our services meet the needs of our customers

We will consider applications from:
- Debian developers (uploading or non-uploading)
- existing Debian contributors who are not yet Debian developers but would
  like to go through the Debian new member process
- bonus points if you speak/write French since a significant portion of
  our customer base is French 
- bonus points for non-uploading DDs that already contribute to Debian
  teams like the Debian publicity team
We are also encouraging women to apply so we can bring the diversity ratio
among our team (1 out of 13 currently) to a decent standard.

If you think you can help Freexian in any of those areas, please reach out
to us at gerants@freexian.com, and let us know! Feel free to join a cover
letter and a resume detailing diplomas or professional experiences you
deem relevant.

Have a nice day!

[1] https://www.freexian.com/about/
Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Freexian SARL ◈ Tel: +33 (0)6 88 21 35 47

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