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Collabora Tools team (2 positions)

Hello, Debianites and other lurkers on the list.

My (Tools) team is looking for two experienced developers to join the team. We work on internal tooling for Collabora's business, so we touch quite a bit of things.

The job is 100% remote (unless you want to go into Cambridge and Montreal offices), the team is amazing (of course) and you have a chance to meet and discuss with some of the brightest people in the open source community (and there are quite some of DDs here).

More detailed descriptions are on the following links:

Python Dev: https://jobs.lever.co/collabora/7b5a45c0-9535-4aff-8553-3affbad5337f

Full-stack Dev: https://jobs.lever.co/collabora/d724930d-ce73-4415-ac7e-a3ef275db155

I CC'ed my personal email (which is one where @d.o mails go) if you feel more comfortable contacting me there, otherwise feel free to apply via the links.



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