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MariaDB Foundation looking to hire/contract Debian packaging expert


The MariaDB Foundation is seeking to get a Debian expert to work for
them (plus if you are a DD). This is a great opportunity for Debian
people to land a job/contract where they can work full-time on open
source and with a big part of it related to Debian.

Check out: https://mariadb.org/debian-ubuntu-packaging-expert/

I got MariaDB 5.5 into Debian unstable back in 2013 and have been the
main maintainer ever since. At one point I also worked for the MariaDB
Foundation, but left a couple of years ago. I still maintain all my
commitments to Debian, but only on a best-effort level.

There is no crisis in MariaDB packaging. The Foundation is simply now
investing in the area as one volunteer (me) is not enough, and I will
continue to stay around.

Current state of MariaDB, Galera and related packages in Debian and
Ubuntu is very good. Despite it being a very large package and
installed on about 10% of all Debian systems (according to popcon) it
has a surprisingly low number of bugs (mariadb-10.3 in stable has _4_
and mariadb-10.5 in unstable has 35). It is a nice situation to start
contributing to the work.

The package is well documented with good commit history for the past
10 years, up-to-date README files for both maintainers and
contributors and probably the most extensive Salsa-CI pipeline in all
of Debian to ensure new commits don't regress anything (check out
The Debian packaging is also almost fully in sync with the upstream
packaging in mariadb.org repositories, so this is a nice piece of
software to work with, promise!

Note that MariaDB Foundation is not looking for simply a maintainer,
but that the work includes a lot of new development as well. MariaDB
is constantly shipping new interesting features and you could have
your say in them.

If you are at all keen to do FOSS and MariaDB full-time, or if you
have friends who might be interested, please check out
https://mariadb.org/debian-ubuntu-packaging-expert/ or reach out to
daniel@mariadb.org for more info.

- Otto

PS. I am a long-time entrepreneur in the open source scene, and
everybody who works for me gets to spend a big share of their working
time contributing to open source. If MariaDB Foundation turns you
down, you can also ping me and ask for work opportunities.

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