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Debian system engineer - Hamburg/Germany


I'm working for an adtech company in Hamburg/Germany and am looking
for a coworker to share my workload with.
- fluent in german and english (spoken/written)
- you can organize yourself well even when the todo list is long and people bug you
- 2+ years experience with Debian (or derivative) system administration
- know your way in the shell
- understand OS basics (memory, disk, load, network) and know where to look
- good network knowledge (routing, switching, VLANs, firewall, VPN)
- experience with web applications (load balancing, caching, certificates)
- you have worked with containers (maybe even Kubernetes?)
- experience with configuration management tools like Ansible
- basic development skills (bash, git, CI, SQL, deployments). Ruby/Python would be nice.
- don't despair and always have a plan B

Your tasks:
- manage many Debian servers with different applications
- support the developers with CI, deployments, debugging, system optimisation
- documentation (CMDB), monitoring (Zabbix), planning, internal consulting
- manage the HQ office network
The conditions:
- Well paid. Flexible working hours
- 90% home office possible if you can organize yourself well.
  So living anywhere in northern Germany may work.
- cope with a funny and crazy coworker (me)
- very welcoming and helpful IT team
- a sometimes chaotic agency that requires some patience and serenity to succeed in
Official job offer:https://www.performance-media.de/karriere/position/?id=327156 <https://www.performance-media.de/karriere/position/?id=327156>

Ping me if you have questions.


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