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Debian packaging job offer in scientific computing near Paris


My team at INTM[1] is recruiting a developer with high interest in
Debian packaging and GNU/Linux systems integration problems. INTM is a
middle-sized french consulting company mostly focused on major account

The customer is a leading company in the energy sector in France. It
has many years (10+) of experience using Debian successfully on large
scientific computing infrastructures (large-scale HPC clusters,
thousands of workstations, servers and so on).

At this position, you will be a key part in the customer's long-term
project to contribute packaging effort back to the Debian community.
You will work in a very technically challenging environment with
several Debian developers.

There is not any specific degree level required, profiles will be
mostly evaluated based on skills and experiences. Profiles without
previous experience are also welcome. Of course, being a Debian
developer (or maintainer) is not a requirement for this job!

The position is located in Paris area (France). Remote work might be
possible in case of well proven successful past experience and
high-grade Debian packaging skills.

The job is not restricted to french citizens, it is also open to
foreigners. However, speaking french is largely preferable.

Send me a CV or contact me on LinkedIn to apply for this job.

[1] http://www.intm.fr/en/

Best regards,
Rémi Palancher

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