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Exciting career opportunity for Linux system engineers


Public Health England is recruiting enthusiastic Linux system administrators looking to upskill.
The positions  are located in London (UK). 

The available posts are part of HPC and Infrastructure Team, requiring highly skilled individuals to manage state-of-the-art and cutting edge technologies, working on high performance computing applied to life science.
You will have the opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge on innovative technologies, contribute to exciting projects in Gemonics, Big Data analytics and high-profile projects to support public health, bringing HPC capacity and expertise to our scientists delivering innovative public health services.

- Essential requirements:
In depth technical knowledge of the Linux operating system.
Deep and practical skills in administering and managing large numbers of Linux servers in enterprise environment.
In-depth knowledge of at least one programming language e.g. Python, Perl, C, C++.
Show the potential to become adept in installing and administering HA clusters, server provisioning, resource management and performance tuning.
Analytical skills and ability to troubleshoot and fault finding in Unix/Linux environment and applications developed for parallel computing environment. 

- Desired skills:
In addition to an in-depth technical knowledge of Linux, configuration management and automation tools and technologies such as Ansible or Puppet are highly desirable.
We value experience with virtualization technologies (eg. KVM, oVirt), software defined storage platforms, and HPC resource management systems especially Grid Engine and SLURM.
Highly desired are knowledge and expertises in managing parallel file-system such as Lustre, as well as experiences in HA clustering (HAproxy, Corosync, Pacemeker) and other HPC technologies (e.g. MPI, OpenMPI). Knowledge on cloud computing platforms (e.g. OpenStack) will be advantageous. 

For information and to apply please see

Kind regards
Francesco Giannoccaro

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