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FSF Job Opportunity: Senior GNU/Linux Systems Administrator

Hey folks, please post this to your community, the position details are
below with a link to the web publication. 

Happy hacking, 


FSF Job Opportunity: Senior GNU/Linux Systems Administrator

Read online: http://www.fsf.org/resources/jobs/fsf-job-opportunity-seni

The Free Software Foundation (FSF), a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) charity
with a worldwide mission to protect computer user freedom, seeks a
motivated and talented Boston-based individual to be a full-time Senior
GNU/Linux Systems Administrator.
This position, reporting to the executive director and working closely
with the president, is an opportunity to make key contributions to the
organization that started the GNU Project, launched the free software
movement, and authored the GNU General Public License. The position is
part of a technical team including a counterpart Senior Systems
Administrator, a Web Developer, and many volunteers, tasked with
maintaining and improving the FSF's technology infrastructure.

The ideal candidate will be a well-rounded GNU/Linux systems
administrator who thrives on constant broad-based learning and problem-
solving. They will also be familiar with the free software community
and how it works; the position includes frequent contact and
collaboration with volunteers and many GNU developers. Together, the
Senior Systems Administrators have a great deal of influence over
technology decisions within the FSF, and do crucial work empowering
thousands of others to develop free software.

Examples of job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

be a lead voice in the FSF's software system decision-making and policy
positions in technical areas;

install and maintain fully free GNU/Linux systems on servers, desktops,
laptops, and embedded devices;

support GNU developers and FSF representatives in their use of FSF-
owned systems;

monitor and improve system security and network infrastructure;

spec, purchase, and maintain new equipment;

coordinate and mentor interns and volunteer systems administrators both
in the office and remotely;

share in the on-call rotation to deal with core system emergencies;

blog and speak about the technologies used at the FSF;

run the tech at our annual LibrePlanet conference;

pitch in to help with organization-wide projects like our major
fundraising activities;

fix bugs and submit patches upstream for the software we use, and

occasionally help design, write, and release new software when existing
software doesn't fit the bill.

Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in a related field, at
least five years of experience as a GNU/Linux systems administrator,
and highlight their familiarity with any of the following:

apt-based GNU/Linux distributions;

TCP/IP, BGP, DNS, FTP, NFS, DHCP, iptables;

Libreboot and Coreboot;

Xen, KVM, CFEngine, RAID;

Drupal, Nginx, Apache2, CiviCRM, Plone, Zope, Mediawiki, Ikiwiki,
Request Tracker, CAS, SQL, Squid;

Python, Bash, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby;

git, SVN, CVS;

Exim, Spamassassin, GNU Mailman; and

any physical hardware maintenance and hacking.

Because the FSF works globally and seeks to have our materials
distributed in as many languages as possible, multilingual candidates
will have an advantage. With our small staff of thirteen, each person
makes a clear contribution. We work hard, but offer a humane and fun
work environment at an office located in the heart of downtown Boston.
The FSF is a mature but growing organization that provides great
potential for advancement; existing staff get the first chance at any
new job openings.

Benefits and Salary
This job is a union position that must be worked on-site at the FSF's
downtown Boston office. The salary is fixed at $62,587/year and is non-
negotiable. An on-site interview will be required with the executive
director and other team members. Other benefits include:

full family health coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield's HMO Blue
subsidized dental plan,
four weeks of paid vacation annually,
seventeen paid holidays annually,
public transit commuting cost reimbursement,
403(b) program through TIAA-CREF,
yearly cost-of-living pay increases (based on government guidelines),
conference travel opportunities.
Application Instructions
Applications must be submitted via email to hiring@fsf.org. The email
must contain the subject line "Senior Systems Administrator." A
complete application should include:

cover letter,
resume, and
links to any published free software work.
All materials must be in a free format. Email submissions that do not
follow these instructions will probably be overlooked. No phone calls,

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is
filled. To guarantee consideration, submit your application by Tuesday,
October 11, 2016, 9:00am EDT.

The FSF is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate
against any employee or application for employment on the basis of
race, color, marital status, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation,
national origin, handicap, or any other legally protected status
recognized by federal, state or local law. We value diversity in our

About the Free Software Foundation
The Free Software Foundation, founded in 1985, is dedicated to
promoting computer users' right to use, study, copy, modify, and
redistribute computer programs. The FSF promotes the development and
use of free (as in freedom) software -- particularly the GNU operating
system and its GNU/Linux variants -- and free documentation for free
software. The FSF also helps to spread awareness of the ethical and
political issues of freedom in the use of software, and its Web sites,
located at fsf.org and gnu.org, are an important source of information
about GNU/Linux. Donations to support the FSF's work can be made at htt
ps://donate.fsf.org. We are based in Boston, MA, USA.

More information about the FSF, as well as important information for
journalists and publishers, is at https://www.fsf.org/press.

stephen mahood
outreach & communication
free software foundation
http://fsf.org http://gnu.org
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