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I'm searching for a developper


We are searching for a developper who is able to fix problems in
existing apps. Used languages are C++, C, and Python, for apps such as
Pulseaudio, MATE, Mozilla suite. Our purpose is to be helped, of course
paying for someone, to improve global GNU/Linux accessibility, through a
universal approach which requires fixing many major bugs in key layers
of the system. We also will work on GTK toolkit.

Devs are free software. At least 3 years of programming seem needed.

If you're interested or someone is in your contacts, please write to
contact@hypra.fr. Send a CV (or profile) and explain why you are
interested. We work on Paris, so any dev who doesn't live in France
needs to show he's particularly able to work as standalone with results.



Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

HYPRA, progressons ensemble

Tél.: 01 84 73 06 61
Mail: contact@hypra.fr

Site Web: http://hypra.fr

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