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Build-Release Engineer for connected trucks (!), Mountain View CA

My employer has an opening for a Build-Release Engineer.   We are pre-IPO and a fun place to work.    If you can cross-compile Debs, code python in your sleep and have always wanted to use your laptop in a big-rig, this is the job for you!   I'd be happy to answer any questions about the technical part of the job.    For the HR part, please use the email address at the bottom of the listing.   Other less-Debian-relevant openings are also listed at http://www.peloton-tech.com/jobs/

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Alison Chaiken                      alison@she-devel.com, 650-279-5600
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Build & Release Engineer

At Peloton Technology, we are transforming the trucking industry, bringing groundbreaking safety, efficiency and data to the trucks that drive the economy.  We are a hands-on team of action with diverse backgrounds, united by a common goal.

The Build & Release Engineer will develop and maintain the systems and tools used to support the development, test, deployment, and monitoring of our products and services. This includes the setup and maintenance of developer services such as Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Redmine, and related systems, in an AWS based development cloud. Qualified candidates have a strong background in supporting commercial application development of large scale, fault tolerant systems, in a test-centric, agile, continuous integration environment.

•3-5 years experience as a Build & Release Engineer supporting developers
•Strong working experience with Linux and the Linux tool suite for supporting application
•Strong scripting language skill
•Experience with Git, Gerrit, Jenkins
•Setting up development, test, & deployment environments for systems developed in C++, Go, & Java languages
•Processes supporting movement of work from one environment to the next
•Integrating tools & other OS environments (Windows, Mac OS X) into a Linux (Debian) dev. environment
•Doing all the above in an AWS based development cloud
•BSCS or equivalent experience

Peloton's founders are Stanford University alumni with roots in Stanford's autonomous vehicle program, Volkswagen, Tesla, and IDEO. Our investors include Intel, Denso, UPS, Volvo, and Lockheed Martin. Our board members include Ralph Eschenbach, "father of commercial GPS," and Rodney Slater, Former US Secretary of Transportation.

With testing and development of the Peloton system already having taken place with support from the US Department of Transportation and US Department of Energy, Peterbilt Trucks (Paccar), Volvo Trucks, UPS, and the American Trucking Associations, we are excited about our very promising immediate future.

To learn more, please go to www.peloton-tech.com and apply via jobs@peloton-tech.com
We would love to hear from you.


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