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Open Source specialist at credativ India

credativ India is one of the few organization in India which provides
support in Open Source Technologies. This support is completely
different from the usual concept of support in the industry. Customers
who are facing complex and niche problems with their Open Source
Components contacts us and seek our support to resolve them. Our
technical team understand and debug such problems and provide solutions
to them. Along with that we also have a team which develops solutions
in Open Source technologies.
In credativ we work closely with the world's topmost and best Open
Source Contributors for technical knowledge which gives us excellent
opportunity to learn new technologies from the best in the industry, no
matter in which country they are located.
We are presently looking for someone with excellent technical
background who would be interested in working in Open Source
Technology. The position(s) will be in our office in Bengaluru.
Requirements for the Role:
1.       A highly motivated person with strong Technical and
communication skills.
2.       Should be keen in working in the niche open Source
3.       Prior experience of fixing complex issues in the Open Source
application is required
4.       Someone who is interested in working  with the major Open
Source Contributors in the world.
5.       Analysis, understanding, debugging and fixing of discrete
issues faced by customer with their Open Source products and
6.       May have to understand and re-architect customers solutions
based on the need.
7.       Will involve certain amount of travel for trainings and visit
to customer locations.

Please apply to careers@credativ.in 

Dr. Michael Meskes, Geschaeftsfuehrer/CEO
Tel.: +49 (0)2161 / 46 43 0
E-Mail: michael.meskes@credativ.com
IM: mme@jabber.credativ.com
PGP: BBBC 58B4 5994 CF9C CC56  BCDA DF23 DA33 9697 8EB3

credativ international GmbH, HRB Moenchengladbach 15543, 
Hohenzollernstr. 133, 41061 Moenchengladbach, Germany
Geschaeftsfuehrung: Dr. Michael Meskes, Joerg Folz

Global:         http://credativ.com
Germany:        http://credativ.de
Netherlands:    http://credativ.nl
India:          http://credativ.in
UK:             http://credativ.co.uk
USA:            http://credativ.us

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