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Re: System Administrator / Communication Tools

Hi Everyone,

Now, my impression may be wrong, but this email and looking at
www.m2n.com rings alarm bells for me.

*  No content on the web page, no links to content.

*  No contact details other than the dubious "Hiring <hr@m2n.com>

*  Short (2 days) time between post and supposed position start

*  Not even a name for who you are dealing with.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

David G

On 14/01/16 01:36, Hiring wrote:
> I am hiring for a Debian system administrator for a new startup.
> It is a paid position, remote/telecommute is allowed.
> We are interested in a candidate who can
> setup/manage/maintain/package/release a free software communication
> stack. Including:
> Email
> IM
> Video
> Voice
> Auth
> File Sharing
> Etc.
> If you're capable, and eager to get paid for Debian based free software
> work, please reply with which tool you recommend for the above, as well
> as your resume, location, compensation requirement, and availability to
> start.
> This position is planned to begin on or after Monday, Jan 17, 2016.

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