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Software Engineer, home based

Canonical is hiring!  If you'd like to put your Debian experience to use
working on a well-known Debian derivative, see below.


The Ubuntu Foundations Team is responsible for delivering the core Ubuntu
system that the whole Ubuntu family of products and services is built upon . 
Applicants should be passionate about the future of Ubuntu, and able to work
in a globally distributed team of engineers who share that passion. Ubuntu
strives to deliver the latest-best free software components, in an easy to
use and highly reliable form. We build on the technical excellence of Debian
and bring additional focus and shape to the solutions we offer industry. The
successful candidate will be mindful of the dynamics of the open source
ecosystem, and equally aware of the needs of large but innovative


    Assist in the maintenance of some core components of Ubuntu. The details
will depend on your specific interests and abilities, but may include areas
      - Installers and CD images
      - Booting and early userspace
      - Package management
      - Toolchain
      - Filesystems
      - Central package infrastructure such as the Ubuntu archive
    Become involved in planning of new Ubuntu features, both new ideas in
your areas of interest and advising on work being done elsewhere
    Engage in bug-fixing work across a wide variety of components of the
Ubuntu platform, helping to ensure that Ubuntu can produce regular
high-quality releases on time
    Assist in pre-release testing of Ubuntu, taking personal ownership of
problems and driving them to solutions
    Collaborate with other teams in the Ubuntu community and with upstream
developers where appropriate, to make sure that Ubuntu includes the very
best in free software and that our goals are taken into account by other
    When necessary, respond to and work to resolve issues raised by end
users and commercial support customers
    Your most important attribute will be adaptability to a wide range of
situations and software


    Solid C/C++ Linux skills
    Experience with common scripting languages, including Python
    Familiarity with some of the open source development tools and
methodologies used in creating Ubuntu, such as:
     - Launchpad
     - Bazaar/ Git
     - Debian packaging tools: APT, dpkg, debhelper
    An understanding of the make-up of a modern GNU/Linux distribution,
Debian preferred
    Interests and experience with a variety of the software that makes up
the core of Ubuntu
    Capacity to learn quickly about new systems and techniques
    Excellent logic, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills
    Strong English language communication skills
    Comfortable with online communication and collaboration such as mailing
lists, IRC, wiki
    Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through
self-discipline and self-motivation, delivering according to a schedule.


Steve Langasek                   Give me a lever long enough and a Free OS
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